Cadaver Transplant (CD Tx)

Kidneys for transplantation come from a living donor or a deceased (cadaver) donor. Deceased donors are people who have been declared brain-dead and whose organs are kept viable by ventilators (artificial lung support) until organs can be retrieved for transplantation eg: Road Traffic Accident / bleed in the brain.
For Solid organ donation (heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys) requires artificial compactable fluid to be circulated & cooled after these organs are retrieved. This is possible only in brain death where the functioning of these organs are be supported for some time till retrieval .

One kidney will be allotted to the first patient in that hospital. The 2nd kidney will be allotted to the patient in the Government Hospital and if not used - to a patient in the private hospital to group (All Kerala Basis)
Government of Kerala has now taken up the task of promoting deceased organ donation and transplantation in Kerala through an organization-KNOS-Kerala Network for Organ Sharing and has done more than 100 Cd Tx .
For more details :

This online registry is for organ recipients waiting for transplantation from various hospitals in Kerala, authorized to undertake transplantation of organs.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Pts on Dialysis can register for CADAVER TRANSPLANTATION at Lekeshore hospital / PVS hospital.

Requirements for Registration :

1. Open a file in concerned hospital and be in dialysis.
2. A negative PRA report.
3. Nephrectomy of diseased kidney eg: (Polycystic Disease (ADPKD) / 2nd Transplant)
4. Clearance from treating doctor for fitness/cardiac clearance in elderly /Diabetic     Patients.
5. Raise a DD in favor of KNOS for Rs 2000/-.payable at Trivandrum.
6. Registration form to be filled.

Chances for getting a kidney for Cd Tx is more at Lakeshore Hospital as many patients with Coma are brought for 2nd opinion. Donor surgery Charges in Live related Tx is separate at Lakeshore hospital (@ Rs. 1.5 lakhs) and is not changed. Retrieval charges after brain death is shared by the recipients of Kidneys/ Liver / Heart.

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Ms Manju Mohanan
For Lakeshore Hospital & PVS Memorial Hospital
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Dr. Georgy K. Nainan
Dr. Sooraj YS
Dr. K.V. Vilesh

Preparations for Receiving a Kidney from a Deceased Donor (Cd Tx)

Laboratory Tests

  1. You are already registered and the registration your number can be checked form the KNOS register through us .Contact Manju for this service.
  2. Once a brain dead person is identified in the Central Zone (Kottayam ,Alleppy , Cochin ,Trichur and Kollencherry ),Kidneys along with other organs are allotted by KNOS (Kerala Network of Organ Sharing).
  3. When this happens in a "non transplanting center "one kidney will go to Medical College .The other kidney will be distributed according to the zonal priority.
  4. When this happens in a "transplanting center "like Lakeshore or PVS, one kidney is for the patient in that hospital according to the seniority seen in the KNOS website .The other kidney will go to Medical College (MCH) and if they decline ,it will be given to the Private hospital doing transplant as per list.
  5. When a brain death case is notified , you will be informed when your turn comes .It is better to give 2 phone numbers to the hospital.
  6. Keep your finance ready. Cadaver transplantation may cost @ 5 -6 lakhs . This amount can be put as FD (Fixed deposit) in your bank in your name, so that the interest of this FD can also be utilized by you. Financial help can be sought form various agencies/NGOs and approval can be made .Release of these funds can be done once the transplant is over.
  7. Cross match(Cx) is the most important test o be done before transplantation .You have to report to Amrita Institute (AIMS )casualty and to the lab as they direct you . Information regarding your arrival will be given to the AIMS lab by us. If you have any difficulty please contact, Tx coordinator Ms Mini (9446765999) or Ms Manju (8281122750).
  8. You have to proceed to the hospital and report to the dialysis unit .If you had dialysis on that day it is good .If not you will need dialysis to remove excess fluid and reduce Urea, Creatnine . That is why it is very important to undergo regular 3/week dialysis and be well dialyzed!
  9. Preliminary test, coagulation profile, viral markers, X-ray, ECG will be done in anticipation of a good cross match result.
  10. Once the cross match comes (Cx) negative, the person going to receive the kidney will be started on Immunosupressive medications .The medicines used are Mycept ,Panimmune and Steroids .
  11. For one kidney ,3 persons will be selected and Cx will be done .Whoever is the luckiest with lowest Cx will be selected for the transplant.
  12. In addition to the above immunosuppressive medicine other injections are used depends on the Cx .They are Inj Simulect/ Inj Rituximab .
  13. Retrieval charges as per the bill form the hospital where brain death is declared are shared by the recipients ie, 2 kidneys, liver and heart.
  14. Plasma pheresis is a procedure like dialysis whereby the antibodies in the blood are removed and thereby reduces the chances of acute rejection. This may have to be done if the Cx is borderline positive or PRA is elevated.

For Tx please note:

  1. Donor age is not a problem.
  2. Male kidneys are supposed to be bigger in size than that of females but the number of nephrons (functioning unit) is the same.
  3. Recipient fitness is more important.
  4. Immunological factors like Negative PRA ,low Cx, Good surgical technique favor good outcome.
  5. All biochemical and sonological test like those of a live related donor are performed to assess the donor kidneys.
  6. Upto 7-8 hrs harvested kidney after perfusion (special fluid used to clean inside the kidney )can be stored in the ice .
  7. Outcome is a matter of luck!!!! …..We have done 18 cadaver tx in the last one year with 100%results (08.10.2014).
  8. If cross match is positive or if you are not selected you may have to return .Don't get frustrated .
  9. It is better to stay somewhere near the hospital when your turn is likely to come or nearby town so that you can reach the hospital within 1 hour.
  10. It is better to update your fitness every 3 months. This will help in processing the Tx faster. If you have any infection anywhere please inform .Immunosuppressive medications are known to flare up your infection.
  11. There is a possibility that many people in your front in the queue may not accept the kidney on that day due to various reasons like—like having infection ,finance not ready , out of station, Cx positive ,Tx already done etc. So you must be mentally and financially prepared when a cadaver kidney is offered to you by KNOS suddenly.
          GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

Contact to reduce confusion :
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Ms Manju
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